Bloody Britain


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3rd March, 2021

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When history was really horrible.

Fresh, innovative, entertaining and revelatory, Bloody Britain combines strong historical research and storytelling with hands-on historical experiments (such as building and firing a trebuchet), an entertaining but extremely passionate presenter and atmospheric and innovative animation.

Action and information-packed, each show is a fascinating, and at times, squeamish journey through some of Britain s most gruesome and awful, but momentous, historical events.

In each episode of Bloody Britain Rory McGrath examines a key event from British history. Whether it s battles, rebellions, wars, plagues, social unrest, betrayal, executions, injustice or mass insanity, we’ll concentrate on the mad, sad and bad moments from our past.

In short, well zoom in on when the past was truly horrible and ask why, when and how these events came to be part of our history.